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      Here is the link to west work at home.

      I worked for them a couple years back, it was ok but I decided to stop for the following reasons,1.I had stuff come up where I couldn’t continue and2. I decided I didn’t like that they didn’t take taxes out cause you are not considered an employee of west at home you are basically a contractor (self employed) so you pay your own taxes on what you make at the end of the year or what ever. 3.

      At times the available schedules that they posted as available and I was able to get(they post available time slots and you choose them before someone else gets them to get slots to work in) usually didn’t make me enough money to justify the price of me paying for a second phone line(they require a you to have second phone line-no cable servicephone linesallowed, with no features(like call waiting, caller id etc.).some phone companys offer a second line for like 20 or so a month with no features so check with yours, but mine was like 39 a month. You are also required to have cable(high speed)Internet.

      You must have somewhere you can work in complete silence as the callers on the other end are not to know you are working out of home they are to think you are in a call center.

      You must complete a back ground check cause you will be dealing with peoples credit card numbers addresses etc

      You buy a head set that has a mike on it and and during your time slot you are workingyou sign in to their system and it will route calls through your computer and most of the time a script will come up on your screen and you say it and put in information or sometimes you have to go to to other pages etc to get scripts or answers to questions. They do different companies and each screen or way it is done is all different you have to do training for each one that you get certified for. Each listing of available ones to work with(or not available but you can put your name in for positions to train for when they come available) states the training and interviewing times it takes to get it if you pass the final testing at the end of the training and learning.

      One “line” I worked doing was taking calls for informercials I took calls for things like natural cures the don’t want you to know about, swivel sweeper, aarp, a times shares thing(cant think what it is called now), turbo jam(and most all the beach body workouts), proactive, inventools, these are a few just to give you an idea right off the top of my head. some are just basically imputing information that people want sent to them(like aarp for exp) but others are sales where people are calling to order things and there is loads of upsale script that you must( they record calls and you are disciplined if you are caught not reading theeach script word for word as it comes on the screen) read to the customers and imput whether they wish to add the items to their order and you are having to do this while people are getting more and more ticked at being read upsell after upsell(some went as many as 7 or 8 or more it seems un ending even to me). Even when you were in the middle of reading and they griped or yelled at you, you are trained that you must continue to read where you left off.

      The only way you are to continue through a certain scriptwith out finishing reading it is if the speciafically say i do not want to hear any more offers i only want what i called for. sometimes people would be so mad they would want to cancel their whole order which by then the originalorder(without the upsales)was already sent through so with some you couldn’t cancelled(it depended on how the company you were selling forhad it setup) so that can really tick some folks off and then you have to deal with that.

      they time your calls and rate you on how long it takes you to complete the calls and whether or not they ended up buying the product after they called and whether you got them to purchase any upsell products and give you like a percent of success basically and also you are rated on how good you are at signing in and staying signed in the whole time you are supposed to be working(which may sound easy but my score dropped because of a cable internet failure in the middle of my shift and i tried to call and tell them and they still counted it against me-this happened several times to me as for a while my internet provided gave me nothing but head aches with my service). basically if you score drops the less calls they route to you(meaning the less money you make since you only get paid during active calls).

      the pay is 0.02 to 0.10 cents a minute per minute of active calls. So for example if you work 10 minutes and you start and a call come through and it takes 3 minutes(at a 0.03 which is average perminute rate) you would make 0.09 cents and then you waited 2 minutes for the next call to come through(some days-and time of day are busier than others sometimes calls came in one after another othersI waited as long as 20+ minutes with out a call(meaning no pay during this time) then took a 4 minute call( 0.12) and then a 1 minute call comes in immediately(0.03) you would only make0.24 cents for 10 minutes of calls. But if you get a time or day when calls come in one after another(meaning you hang up with one and another comes right through) it is a little better.

      Ocassionally for certain”lines” they pay per hour like during the holidays (when call volume is higher).

      They direct deposit checks ever 2 weeks and mail you a check stub. Like I said earlier no taxes are taken out you are responsible for paying your own taxes.

      Well anyway this is all I can think of for now, sorry for any typos as it is early and I don’t feel good, but I do hope this helps anyone that was wondering about them. Bye, Angela

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