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      Welcome Linda, I read your letter and just wanted to say how smart I
      think you are, not just putting a trip to Florida on your credit
      card and going. I think this goal will help you a lot in your quest
      for frugality.
      Frugality doesn’t happen overnight. It’s small things here and
      there, that add up. The meal you don’t eat out, the leftovers you
      don’t throw out, the “bargain” you pass up because it’s something
      you don’t need, the bargain you wait for and do find, the coupons
      you use, the nights you visit with friends and play games and have
      homemade pizzainstead of going to an expensive restaurant, resisting
      the urge to get a new car just because a friend does, bringing home
      a second hand piece of furniture and having the satisfaction of
      refinishing it.
      These small lifestyle changes are what add up. It’s not some big
      spectacular thing that you do. It’s kind of like going on a diet
      where you lose a bit each week but steadily and keep at it and see
      the results forever, rather than some diet where you lose 10 pounds
      the first week and then quit the second week because it’s just
      Set yourself smaller goals and see what you can do. If possible get
      someone to compare notes with so you realize you are not in this
      alone. You probably have a frugal friend and don’t even realize it
      who would love to compare notes and resources. If not there are a
      lot of us “inter-net gals” who will be happy to point you to
      resources. I bet you will be to Florida sooner than you think. I
      have a daughter there and I am from New York, and yeah we do miss
      each other very much.I am a lot happier after I see her to. I know
      just where you are coming from as I have always had to be frugal.
      It does pay off in the long run. Grandma D. (just for general
      information been a “tight-wad” since my marriage 40 years ago before
      being a “tight-wad” was popular. I know I would have been so
      thrilled to have all the inter-net resources that there are today.)

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