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      :great: What is the weirdest or freakiest Freebie you’ve ever received?

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      Haha, lets see..

      I’ve ordered a “Fart Filter”, I’ve seen “Dehydrated Water Samples” and I remember people getting mad that they didnt actually receive the dehydrated water, they listed it as a “DUD”!!!


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      haha, I got a “Hat” sizer, to measure my hubbys head.

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      :hysterical: okay, I got a Dog TummyScratcher today.

      Funny thing is, I cant find the thread, I think I sent for this a YEAR ago.

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      I think my weirdest freebie was some cleaner for a catheter bag. I didnt mean to send for it, but I clicked the fill button on my robo and poof. :doh:

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      The wierdest thhing that I have ever sent for is clear smoke papers. I got them and they looked like plastic. I never used them, because I don’t smoke, I just thought it would be kinda cool to get clear papers.

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      A while back there was a listing to join the Dewy Cox fan club for a free gift. They sent us a pair of jocky shorts with I love Dewy Cox printed on the back. But that was not bad enough.

      Later they sent out a lock of his chest hair in a little cellophane wrapper. At least they gave me a good laugh.

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      the dehydrated water thing is still out, I saw it the other day. Common sense says you won’t get anything, if you dehydrate water you have nothing LOL

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      Wow! Dehydrated water is still circulating? That was a freebie back in the ’90s!


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      yeah they have a whole website that says they sale it. LOL

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      lol My sis thought it was cool
      The dehydrated water .. LOL that would be the empty bottle

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Chatter Weird & Freaky Stuff!