Weight Gain for Kids

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      Hi Tammy. I’m not sure if this would work for your son or not
      becasue you said he has ADHD and can’t have corn syurp. if he can
      have regular sugar’s like from fruits then I would try any type of
      dried fruit that he likes. A small amount equals one whole fruit and
      you can eat a ton of it without really noticing. These days you can
      buy almost anything dried. In our cupboards we have the usuall
      raisins as well as the golden ones, blueberries, strawberries,
      cherry’s, apples, pineapple, mango, apricots, banana chips and
      peaches. You could also make a homemade trail mix with any type of
      nuts and dried fruit and if you like a bit if pretzles and some mini
      chocolate chips or m-n-m’s to sweeten the mix. We also add cereal if
      we are in the mood. Cheerios, chex, kix, etc…

      My son who will be two this month also has trouble with weight gain.
      He was in the 10% for his height and weight untill last month. I had
      to take him in every other week for weight checks. He’s up to 20%
      now and we are still keeping track but not every moment like it
      seemed before. It will happen for your son soon. 🙂

      HTH, Maya in San Diego

      Does anyone have any food ideas that will help my 7 yr old put some
      weight on hes about 47 inches tall and weighs 41 lbs, his doctor has
      said not dangerously under weight just on the small side, he is on a
      medication ADHD, it has a side effect of appetite suppressant, He
      eats when told to, we want him to gain about 5-8 lbs to help bulk up,
      any suggestions?

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