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      Melissa Burnell

      Cindy, I don’t think $60.00 – 65.00 per week for three people and 4 pets is all
      that bad. That is still only $240.00- $260.00 per month. That’s actually not
      bad at all.

      I spend 200.00 per month (goal wise) for two people and three pets.
      I also stock up a lot for lean times.

      I have two large dogs (110 lbs and 50 lbs) and a cat (9 lbs of pure queendom,
      never question what she’s doing, she rules it all!!!) and they go through a 40
      lb bag of dog food every three weeks (cat won’t eat cat food, she wants their
      dog food all the time) and that alone is 15.99 every three weeks.

      Some questions that may help you save a little more… Do you purchase paper
      towels or use rags for cleaning up? Keep a pile of rags for cleaning.

      It ends
      up being cheaper in the long run. EXCEPT, I also keep about three rolls of
      paper towels on hand for the pet cleanups, eww.

      Do you make your own anything? For instance I make my own pancake syrup. 1 cup
      sugar, 1/2 cup water, 2 TBSP butter (margarine will work too, but I don’t use
      it) and either 1 tsp of vanilla flavoring or 1 tsp of maple flavoring.

      I use
      the Maple. DH has requested I don’t buy any syrup anymore as he likes this
      better even than the Mrs. Buttersworth he grew up on. And for about 10 pennies
      for the homemade instead of almost 40 cents for the store bought I don’t
      complain about the extra 2 minutes it takes to make it.

      🙂 Yes, making your
      own pizzas can really help you to save some money too. Especially if you have a
      bread machine with a dough setting. You can use it for the dough and then all
      you have to do is seperate it out into multiple pizzas and then make them up and
      bake them!

      Does your store have a decent clearance bin? I check the two in my store
      thoroughly everytime I go. The meat clearance helps me keep my freezer full.
      It’s the only way I buy steaks is from the clearance bin and sometimes I can get
      7% ground beef for 99 cents a lb this way.

      The dry goods clearance can help
      too. Year before last they had a lot of Christmas baking stuff in the clearance
      bin including vanilla extract, I bought 1 ounce bottles of pure extract for 50
      cents each. Around here that is a real find.

      Just last month they had
      Giradelli bakers semi-sweet chocolate in the clearance bin for 1.00 each
      (usually 2.99) just because someone had dropped the box and broken the bars.

      Emily Y.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Weekly Menu Plans Weekly Shopping & Some Ideas