Week #1

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      Fresh pasta and tuna with no-cook tomato sauce and butter beans

      Shrimp scampi in crazy water, mashed potatoes, and broccoli

      Lamb and veggie wrap (leftover lamb in the freezer from two weeks ago)

      Open-faced cheddar-tomato sandwich

      Pita stuffed with pesto hummus and veggies

      Orecchiette with zucchini, ham and arugula

      pork tenderloin with rosemary-mustard sauce and rotini

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      This sounds liek a great week of dinners…..do you get up in the am to make breakfast too?? any ideas??

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      I make breakfast everyday. I live with two furbabies, so it’s not like I have to cook for a bunch! lol!

      i’ll make ‘breakfast’ breads or muffins or scones (all posted in the breakfast section) on the weekends to have during the week to go with fruit smoothies, yogurt, eggs, fruit, cereal, granola bars, grits, etc. or i’ll make sausage biscuits and have the bread or muffin for a mid-morning snack. on weekends, i usually make bacon, eggs, and toast. yes, i do plan breakfast menus…
      tomorrow — soft-boiled eggs and toast
      tuesday — apple focaccia (in the breakfast section) and grapefruit
      wednesday — apple focaccia and cereal
      thursday — granola bar and an apple
      friday — grits and eggs
      does this get ya to brainstorming?!


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