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      Here are a few different “home” weed killers which won’t be harmful to
      the kids.

      1. Vinegar will work for area’s like weeds growing in cracks of cement.
      I’m not sure if it kills grass, too, so I’d keep it to the cement. Pour
      it all over, and in a few days, just sweep up the remains.

      The smell
      should disappear shortly.

      2. Rock Salt will kill weeds, but sprinkle it lightly, and carefully,
      because it will kill grass and flowers, too!

      3. In a 32oz spray bottle, combine 1 oz Gin, 1 oz Liquid Soap, and 1 oz
      Vinegar, fill the rest with water, and spray the weeds.

      4. Boiled water will kill weeds- just pour it on the weeds, and watch
      them disappear.

      Hope those help!

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