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      Hello Everyone!

      ÂÂÂÂ First of all a HUGE thank you for all your suggestions and ideas! I was

      talking to my daughter and she agreed to a church wedding/reception. She called

      Friday afternoon and for she got a quote for 730.00. I am so hoping that was for

      both the wedding and the rental of the reception hall in the back of the church.

      Its huge! Has anyone here had a wedding reception inÂa church hall? This is a

      Methodist church .. I am going to call them first thing Monday morning to book

      it but I am wondering if you can have a D.J. at a church? Dancing?

      I know no

      alcohol which suits me fine anyhow. That way I dont have to worry about drunk

      driving and accidents with people! Besides the expense! I just hope it will be

      fun… Any thoughts?


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