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      Hi Debbie
      You can have a DJ and dancing. You are correct no alcohol. My son had his in the church hall and I did most of the decorating.

      It depends on the type of tables they have available and how many they have of each. I have read all the threads to your request and I have one suggestion. If your family is large and the family is like mine you can word the invitation to the reception so that those how would like to contribute to the festivities can bring a dish to share.

      Some of the best dinners I have ever had is Pot luck suppers( you never know what you will receive). They can bring a gift to but some families (like mine) the first thing they ask is what can I bring.
      Oops I forgot to mention I am a Methodist and most churches that have good size halls have rental fees unless you are a member and then it is a donation only. It just depends on the church, some have a fee, member or not.

      My son’s wedding
      was in red and white so I used red and white linen table clothes on the tables and because they had no round tables I set the tables up in the shape of a diamond ( 4 to a set). I did this so everyone at the tables could see the bridal party. I also had a three sided Gazebo that I set up and decorated with a bed netting and flowers and used a good size barrel covered with a nice table cloth for the cake.
      If you have any further questions you can e-mail me privatly.
      Gail N.E.


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