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      Far and away the most beautiful wedding and

      reception I’ve ever been to was in a Methodist

      church. It was in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and

      everything about it was absolutely perfect. (The

      couple is still happily married, and about to

      celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary.)

      In my part of the country, receptions are held in

      posh country clubs, and everything is very

      expensive and elegant. However, the most

      beautiful (and, I think, classiest) wedding and

      reception I’ve ever seen was that one in Iowa,

      which exemplified elegant simplicity.

      I hope your daughter is as happy as they are, and

      that her wedding is as lovely.

      At 07:55 PM 2/9/2008, Debbie wrote:

      >I was tlking to my daughter and she agreed to a

      >church wedding/reception. She called Friday

      >afternoon and for she got a quote for 730.00. I

      >am so hoping that was for both the wedding and

      >the rental of the reception hall in the back of

      >the church. Its huge! Has anyone here had a

      >wedding reception in a church hall? This is a Methodist church .

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