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      If you want someone to throw things at you as you leave the church. Get some
      nylon netting and cut it into squares. Fill with bird seed and then tie with
      a ribbon that matches your color scheme. Then people and untie them and toss
      at you when you leave. The church will thank you for no rice to clean up.
      And, the birds will love the seeds. And, the cost is not very much either.


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      Hello friend,
      Nice one..I liked it.:clap:
      I was searching this kind of favors only..because I am bored seeing almost same favors in every wedding..
      I am going to marry next month so trying to get some good favor ideas..
      Thanks !!


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      We did this at my nieces wedding and it worked great!

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      We also did the bird seed. We had an outdoor wedding to save money, was very cheap, but very fun

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      Cheap or extravagant as long as you exchange vows with the person you love the most the place will not matter most.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Wedding Events Wedding favors