Wedding Budgets

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      This is how I broke mine down.

      $250-Dress and Shoes
      $100-Tux Rental
      $25-Flower Girl Dress and Shoes

      I have spent it a little differently than originally anticipated as I got some excellent deals through craigslist and ebay. I spent $110 on 2700sq ft of white tulle on ebay, which I plan on making into light filled swags along the ceiling, bows for the 80 black chairs, and gathered on the ceiling and an entire wall covered to block off the kitchen and sound stage of our sanctuary. I also am going to spend $500 to buy another persons fully catered wedding supplies, serving dishes, chafing dishes, candles, table decorations, lanterns, vases, etc….excellent deal. I know you don't have much time but sit down pick a site (keep costs down by picking something free or close to free [your church, family members house or land, renting from your local parks and recreation, etc]), pick a minister, music you can download and create yourself or hirer a local college group or small local band or special instrument player. I took songs from our past and found two songs appropriate to our history for the procession and ceremony. has 30 sec previews and you can download single songs from their site, also rhapsody and a few others out there will let you download individual songs. I spent $2.00 on the entire music for my wedding. Decide what you want in your ceremony. Do you want unity candles, jumping the broom, the combining of sand, etc….those will have special items you will need. Try to go unconventional to save money. For instance I bought a 2 stand candelabra from eBay for $7+$5 S&H for our unity candle ceremony whereas traditional ones would have been $30+. For your dress, go try on dresses, and if you find one go home and see if you can find it online or call around and see if someone has a better price. I am still hunting as my wedding is in December so I have time. Lots of wonderful dresses on Craigslist, which I am partial too as you can go and look at it and pay cash without shipping costs. Make sure you check with your facility on limitations, some won't allow open flames (candles), certain music, alcohol to be served etc. Find comfortable shoes that you love at a local favorite store of yours. Remember where your feet are going to be you don't want heels if you are going to get married outside in the sand or grass as all you are going to do is sink. For my daughter I am going to go clearance crazy for a dress after Easter. Same for ring bearers boys Easter dress is the best if you want something non-tux, but formal. Flowers and food are expensive so try to keep to your guest list and keep what time of day in mind. Try to go for dessert or buffet style reception so you can make up 7-10 different trays of food to serve your guests. Stick to your budget. Also if you get a great deal with more than you need like the catering dishes sell some back and make up the difference. I am selling 5 of the 10 chaffing dishes for $40 each so I can stay on my $300 budget. I am not doing a traditional cake. This is actually a vow renewal and I don't particularly like cake. We will have a small 6″ round cake with two chess pieces on top to exchange for tradition sake. It is going to cost me $5 to make myself. We are doing dessert buffet at night so it is going to be light and delicate made by 7 of my closest great cooks and the local donut shop is making me mini eclairs that morning to serve at their regular menu price of 12 for $3 I am getting 3 dozen. Think outside the box and see if instead of unused registry gifts you can get things provided for your wedding. Exchange talents with friends and family. If you are going to hirer people get on their books now. Some have very tight schedules and charge extra for late comers. For flowers simple is really in style and so easy to do yourself the night before. I am having 13 tulips for my bouquet with the stems wrapped together with ribbon. The only other flowers will be the 6 white roses given to our parents and grand parents by my flower girl. All other greenery is going to be wreaths and christmas trees that I am borrowing and getting free on freecyclers. Also I am keeping my eye out for people who are asking for stuff weddings that I also want and emailing them saying if they get stuff I would gladly take it off their hands for a few dollars or share the cost. Hope this helps you out. -Jessica White

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