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      I am interested in building a website. I love learning the html and
      what not. i was wondering if any of you know anymore about it.

      do you know where i can have the website hosted for next to nothing
      or for free?

      it there is a fee, do you know how to get that paid for without
      coming out of pocket?

      i’m not intersted in a template webpage design either. i’m really
      interested in starting from scratch and doing it that way.

      having mentioned that, do any of you know a lot about html code, if
      so, how did you learn it, how should i go about learning more?

      i’m also fresh into this problem. do i use microsoft word to do the
      html and link that up with a service provider? or, is there a
      program specific to that.

      or something that i could preview what the
      it would look like on a browser?

      thanks in advance everyone


Viewing 0 reply threads
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