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      My dh is a web developer and he uses Macromedia Dreamweaver. It also allows
      you to work in both display and code view at the same time. It is an
      expensive tool, but it is easy enough for me to use it and I do not code.
      I think the only code I know is

      !!!! You have to research the
      hosting. (He isn’t here right now or I would know a little more.) I know
      there is cheap hosting out there, but it gets really limited sometimes and
      the support can suffer.

      I can ask him later if you don’t get an answer from
      someone else. Also, my dh does all him coding in Notepad. He absolutely
      refuses to use the Word because he says it makes ugly code.

      But, I really
      don’t know much about it. I have a website that my dh built, but I put in
      all the content. If you have specific questions, I might be able to run
      them past him, but there are a LOT of sources online for this kinda thing.


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