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      A lot of the answers to your questions will depend on your reason for creating
      the website. Is it a personal site to share information and pictures with
      family or is it business related?

      If its business related, it probably is worth it to have it hosted at a fee
      and no ads. You can even get your own domain name, which is great if you are in
      business. The cost of having a page hosted or your own domain name vary
      greatly, so look around.

      My ISP has a certain amount of space and bandwith
      included in the fee for internet service regardless of if you use it or not, so
      you may also want to check in to that.

      If its a private site and you don’t mind there being some adds, there are lots
      of free ones that will host your site. I like https://www.tripod.com for free. It puts
      a banner of ads across the top, but I don’t think they have popups and I’ve
      never had any ads for things I wouldn’t let me kids see.

      My family used it last
      Christmas to make a webpage of all 10 grandkids”, 7 siblings’, 6 in-laws’, and 2
      parents’ wish lists. It was great fun. Those who could read HTML, did there
      own, everybody else sent there list to me, and I had them up and running in 10
      minutes easily.

      I took a class in a program for making webpages called FrontPage, but could
      have just as easily learned it by myself. (If you can use MicrosoftWord, you
      can easily use FrontPage.) I learned code from using frontpage, which is a
      great feature.

      I think most Microsoft Bundles have a way of creating a webpage, although it
      is very primitive.

      If you want more info on anything I’ve typed, feel free to contact me off the
      list. My email is heroux@ez-net.com .


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