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      Most (more like all) of the free web servers that host sites are
      going to come attached to small bandwidth limits, ad’s, and pop up
      windows. You’re going to want to look into buying server space.
      Luckily, this can be done fairly inexpensivly. If it’s just a small
      site and you don’t mind the pop up’s or ad’s, then free is readily

      As for html, learning depends on the type of learner you are. i
      personally learn from hands on experiance and puttering around. i
      started off with a copy of front page, which is termed wysiwyg- what
      you see is what you get.

      you put it where you want it, and that’s
      where it is. it’s not the same as templates. a template will be pre-
      designed, and you just fill in the provided blanks.

      what’s nice with wysiwyg is that if you run into something you don’t
      know how to do, you run it through a wysiwyg program (such as
      frontpage), and then view the source code.

      another thing you can do on just about any website (some do block
      source viewings), is do a right click on empty space, scroll down,
      and click view source. this will pop up a window with the source
      html code on it.

      the basics are very basic, and worded so they make sense. going
      slowly works best, because you’re going to get highly frustrated if
      you are trying to stick the scroll bar on the left side of the
      screen instead of the right, or if you want multiple frames that fit
      1 single picture together flawlessly. There is a mathmatical aspect,
      because you design based on pixel size.

      For instance, if you have a
      background image that is 1024×768, then those are the pixel
      dimensions you need to design around, so that there’s no empty
      space. If you’d like to know more about stuff, feel free to email me
      off board:


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