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      Instead of seeing family this weekend we get to replace our back door and try to secure the house. 🙁 I have no doubt they will be back they dident get the tv yet. That is exactly what I am useing right now for a moniter because they did get my laptop. 🙁 Now what little we were ahead we are behind. 🙁 Its not easy to catch these people either because the law is soooo messed up. Chances are these neiborhood kids will hit yet another house soon and still not be caught. ( we are the 3rd house this month… or last technicly)

      I wanted to add once the house is secure I am thinking of a family and friends sale to help replace whats been lost. also if the cops dont get anywhear I am going to put flyers up around the neiborhood. Maybe someone saw them with our stuff. they were on foot.

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      So sorry for your ordeal, been there, it’s tough. Hang in there!!

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      Uggh! I’ve been through this when I was younger. It left me with such a feeling of violatio I am so sorry:(

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      So sorry for what happened to you!

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      Im so sorry that happened to you. 🙁 I hope they catch who did it and you get a lot of your stuff back.

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      Sorry to hear about the break in. I worry about things like this. This world as gone crazy these days. People get disprite and steal from others in order to make it. It’s not right at all for those of us that work so hard to keep our homes going. I sure hope that they catch whoever did this to your home.

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      We still havent heard from the detective. Chances are its all gone already. Wors is we tried to get a copy of the report to take around the resale shops today and were told the records department is off for the holiday. I am sooo frusterated. We have to realign the back porch to get the new door in and are haveing no luck. Family dont seem to want to help because of the holiday. I just know they will be back. Plus our house insurence is proveing worthless. 🙁 such a bad week. thanks for the sympathy I need it.

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      I’m so sorry that you’re having to deal with that. My daughter went through a break in at a house she and some friends were renting during her college days and the girls never felt safe after that. Loosing your possesions and dealing with the insurance company is bad enough on top of the feeling of being violated. DH and I opted for a security service some years ago and the peace of mind has been well worth the $25 a month since we spend a lot of time out of town in the summer. Even though things have been getting tighter financially for us I hesitate to cut that out, would rather cut back on some other areas. It has gone off twice when we were out of town, but don’t know what set it off, when police arrived there was no sign of intruders.
      Hope you are able to recover some of your stuff.

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      I’m very sorry you have had to go through this. It does get better but you will always have this in the back of your mind.
      About 14 years ago my husband and I were robbed, The really bad part is we were home. I was sitting at the computer about 4 feet from the front door and they walked in the screen door with a gun to my head. To make a long story short my husband ended up getting shot in the shoulder. He is fine, I am fine but it took what seemed like forever to even begin to feel safe. They did catch the guys. There were 3 of them. Two of them have been paroled and one will still be in for years. Not much of our stuff was returned but we still have each other.
      Take care and know you will get past this


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      DH and I keep fighting. 🙁 I hate this. I just had to replace my laptop. Well dident HAVE to but I wasent takeing dh’s from him and I do our finances. It was not a cost I wanted to have. fortunantly the one I bought was not bad and the cost wasent bad either. I will have to take it with us anytime we leave the house. I was just starting to work on paying off bills again. After we bought the house my snowball program went out the window. I decided it was time again. So now there is this and everything is a mess. How do you recover financially?? I dont like allstate for home insurence. Dh finally decided to turn in our claim and if they raise our rates we will switch companys. Any good companys out there??

      Jac, I am glad you are both ok. I am also glad our event was not that tramatic. I dont feel violated or scared for my self. More for my cats and our stuff. I have a whole alarm system that I am trying to get installed . I just need the installers manual. My nices boyfriend works for a steel gate & ect. company and his boss says he will make us window covers for cheap. I dont know what cheap is but I am willing to find out. I just feel sooooo much more behind now.

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      @redring 121711 wrote:

      DH and I keep fighting. 🙁 I hate this. I just had to replace my laptop. <> How do you recover financially?? I dont like allstate for home insurence. Dh finally decided to turn in our claim and if they raise our rates we will switch companys. Any good companys out there??

      First, I am so sorry to hear that you and your family are going through this ordeal. That’s absolutely horrible and my heart goes out to you.
      Don’t hesitate to turn in your claim! You Paid for the coverage, Use it, every dime you can get from them. Do you realize Insurance it the only service we pay (through the Nose!!) for and then are afraid to use it !?!

      It is so frustrating that this economy is making people so desperate that they feel they need to rob other people rather than earning a living legitimately.

      Hang in there, Hugs,


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      I am so sorry to hear about this. I hope that you guys will recover quickly and get ahead soon. I hope the thieves will be caught. This will remove the fear of wondering when they will return. Again, I’m sorry and my prayers are with your family.

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      Oh, man! I am *so* sorry that all of this has happened to you – and the aftermath is just as bad. Sending you good thoughts & energies for bouncing back quickly in all aspects.

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      My son’s are in processing of moving out of their current apartment (brand new complex) because one of them is almost always there (opposite schedules) and several times a day someone tries to open their door or open their windows. They got a shotgun and pump it each time someone tries their windows and whoever it is runs off. Their has been over 20 robberies in their complex so far this month. We traded out their really nice plasma TV for an old junky one from home until they can get moved to a more secure location. I think things are going to get worse before they get better! As unemployment nears 20% some people are getting real desperate. The police up there have came in and marked all their computers, ect just in case they are stolen so they might be able to trace them. Being rob is no fun and having the constant threat of it isn’t good for ones health and well being!

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      I will join my voice to everyone else. I am sorry that in this day and age it has come to this…. In one respect people are coming together and becoming closer and more frugal and in another some people are trampling on others rights and hurting their neighbors. I am so sorry this has happened to you…. I do not know you, but you are a woman who did not deserve to live in fear of the noise at the back door at night…….

      I will keep you in my prayers…

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      Thanks all! We did turn it into our insurence. Only after I told dh he cant let our company threaten him.

      wich is essentially what I call being told “well you can claim but it will probably up your raits”. We have decided if they raise our raits we will find another company. Dh has beeen with this company for all his insurence scence he started driveing and never had one claim.

      they owe us this one. I have an old adt system we are trying to get hooked into the house. once we figure out the programing we can have it call us rather than the adt company and then wont need to pay them monthly to moniter it.

      we can call the cops just as quick as they can. we stll have not heard from the poliece station on what happend with the finger prints they found. the back door is replaced.

      the back porch raised and fixed (insurence company said they would pay for the suplies to fix that too). we explained we had to fix the porch to get the door in properly. we lucked out.

      aparently i chose to get full theft protection and they will cover the origanall purchase cost of what was lost. that is after a 1000 duductable though. Things are moveing along but my budget is shot. 🙁

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