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      With your new mortgage being half of your monthly income, you’re going to have to really cut it close to the bone. You’ll need to seriously look at what’s a necessity and what’s a luxury.

      Make a menu of meals, cook your meals at home, eat a few cheap meals a week, take lunches to school (if it’s cheaper) and work, shop the sales at the grocery store and plan your menus around the sale items. Shop at stores that double coupons (if they do) and use those coupons. Use your crockpot often so you can save on electric and take advantage of cheaper cuts of meat. Save eating out for special occasions.

      Build up your food pantry as you can (by taking advantage of sales). Check out stores like Big Lots and the Dollar Store for food.

      As far as utilities, disconnect the cable or satellite, reduce any unnecessary options on your phone service, turn off lights/appliances when they’re not being used, wash clothes in cold water and air dry what you can so you can use your dryer less, turn your A/C up to a higher temp and use ceiling fans and turn your heat down to a lower temp. Look for a cheaper internet service provider.

      Don’t be wasteful when using the car. Don’t make unnessary trips to the store. Wait for 5 or more items before you go to the store.

      Then do a lot of your stops in 1 trip. Check out Goodwill, thrift stores and yard sales for children’s clothing and etc. Use the library for books and DVD’s.

      Save all of your change in a jar. Always put something back for emergencies, even if it’s just a few dollars.

      Always ask yourself before you make a purchase. . .is this a necessity or a want-to-have item.

      I’m sure other people will be able to contribute more ideas than the ones I’ve provided here. Forced frugality is never a fun thing to do. But, it can become a way of life and something you may possibly want to continue as your financial situation gets better.

      Don’t confuse frugal with being poor. There are a lot of people with plenty of income who choose to live a frugal lifestyle. There is no shame in it.

      Don’t take on a “poverty poor” attitude.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives General Budget & Finance We Need Serious Budget Help…