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      I just joined a couple of weeks ago and feel like I finally found a
      group that I BELONG to. I would hate to have it end so soon. Is it
      possible to get the support needed from the members by charging a
      member fee to join or a fee that may be charged every six months?

      found this site mentioned in a magazine. The information that is
      shared at this site is in high demand these days since the economy is
      so bad. Frugality seems to be a growing “trend”.

      Is there any way
      that you could write a book or sell products that would help members
      budget and save money? I belong to other groups that have items
      related to the group for sale. I know now that I have been here for
      a short time that I would be willing to pay a membership fee as long
      as it is reasonable.

      Good luck with your decision!


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Join us at Budget101.com “ wrote:
      > Hi gang,
      > Due to the extremely high costs of running budget101, and 2
      > inquiries, 1 who has already bid on budget101 and 1 who is
      > as to whether we would consider selling it…

      I am asking you what
      > your opinion is on this matter.
      > At this point, I am seriously considering selling our domain
      > http://www.budget101.com . Since I have started this website to help
      > budget & get out of debt, My total cost to date to run it has been
      > approx $5800. Our TOTAL donations & advertising over the Entire 3
      > years amounts to less than $700.
      > While this site is a labor of love…

      It’s an expensive one.
      > Ultimately this is a decision I have to make with my family… I am
      > asking you all how you feel about this.
      > Thank you for your input,
      > Liss

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List We May be Selling BUDGET101