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      Coupons for: Groceries Pizza Night Bowling for kids Movies and Books: The Public Library is full of wealth and knowledge Network with friends, have a book exchange. Magazines and Newspapers: What??? www your preference Public Library Clothing: Goodwill and Salvation Army: my stores have bag days, 1/2 off days and some items are far better than I have in my closet!

      Swap with a friend your size Kids? Have a Mom exchange day I am a divorced 55 year old. I am now sending my 3rd and 4th kids to college.

      I am fortunate that they got tons of scholarships…but Sallie Mae knows me by my first name! Just finished off my 2 older kids loans. Well…they have to take care of me when I am “OLD”!
      I am still struggling with debt, bills and such.

      I play Lotto at the same store week after week…I think their machine is broken…haven’t won yet. But my kids always appreciated the sacrifices. Their best memories are…Movie Nights with English Muffin Pizzas on Thursday and popcorn from kernels (cheaper).

      Doughnuts from bisquits and Sloppy Joe Saturdays, “Stick Fish” Fridays…Wednesday spaghetti nights….Breakfast for dinner on any night thrown in when the cupboar affoded, Sunday a roasted chicken afternoon after Church, Monday…desert before dinner nite, and Tuesday…soup and grilled cheese. The main ingredient was love…second…fun. You can all do it.

      If I can…all of you can. Your kids will carry traditions on and hopefully have the extra money to bank. God Bless…Toots

      You rock. That’s why Blockbuster’s offering you one month of Blockbuster Total Access, No Cost.

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