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      Which Goodwill do you go to? We had one open up by St. Charles, IL and I haven’t gone there yet. I might want to take a ride out if Sunday’s is brown bag day!


      tabatha palmer wrote: the goodwill in illinois where i live has fill a bag
      for 5.00 on sundays. but it is the color tag they had
      for the week. but a brown paper bag full of clothes
      for 5.00 you cant beat that and they pack the bag
      beyond full.

      — Carolyn Moen <nytoots@yahoo.com> wrote:

      > Coupons for:
      > Groceries
      > Pizza Night
      > Bowling for kids
      > Movies and Books:
      > The Public Library is full of wealth and knowledge
      > Network with friends, have a book exchange.
      > Magazines and Newspapers:
      > What??? www your preference
      > Public Library
      > Clothing:
      > Goodwill and Salvation Army: my stores have bag
      > days, 1/2 off days and some items are far better
      > than I have in my closet!
      > Swap with a friend your size
      > Kids? Have a Mom exchange day
      > I am a divorced 55 year old.

      I am now sending my
      > 3rd and 4th kids to college. I am fortunate that
      > they got tons of scholarships…but Sallie Mae knows
      > me by my first name! Just finished off my 2 older
      > kids loans.

      Well…they have to take care of me
      > when I am
      > I am still struggling with debt, bills and such.
      > I play Lotto at the same store week after week…I
      > think their machine is broken…haven’t won yet.
      > But my kids always appreciated the sacrifices.
      > Their best memories are…Movie Nights with English
      > Muffin Pizzas on Thursday and popcorn from kernels
      > (cheaper). Doughnuts from bisquits and Sloppy Joe
      > Saturdays, “Stick Fish” Fridays…Wednesday
      > spaghetti nights….Breakfast for dinner on any
      > night thrown in when the cupboar affoded, Sunday a
      > roasted chicken afternoon after Church,
      > Monday…desert before dinner nite, and
      > Tuesday…soup and grilled cheese. The main
      > ingredient was love…second…fun.

      You can all do
      > it. If I can…all of you can.
      > Your kids will carry traditions on and hopefully
      > have the extra money to bank.
      > God Bless…Toots

      > You rock. That’s why Blockbuster’s offering you one
      > month of Blockbuster Total Access, No Cost.

      Tabatha L Palmer

      You rock. That’s why Blockbuster’s offering you one month of Blockbuster Total Access, No Cost.

      Streamwood-Barrington and Bode

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