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      Well I just finished totaling up our food shopping receipts for the month and we rang in at a whopping $397.80. With the exception of the Chinese food that we splurged on earlier in the month, I have cooked everything from scratch, from simple ingredients. There has been very little meat (perhaps once a week) and no processed foods, and I purchase fresh as opposed to frozen or canned veggies, but we still did not even come close to the 200.00 allotted for the month.

      There are 4 of us living here, but my two adult sons almost never eat at home.

      Here is the amazing thing about it all, our cupboards and fridge are almost completely bare and the food budget is shot for the month.

      I have to take into consideration that we live in Montana and all food is a lot more expensive here than most people, but is still a little disheartening.

      Does (or did) anyone else have this problem?

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      Have you read liss ebook?? Even with high prices you should still be eating meat several times a week. Can you share your receipts here so we can help you figure out where to cut your expenses?

      Also, you might want to ask for help in the $50 weekly menu help forum here:

      GroceryBudget101.com- – $50 Menu Plan Help | Budget Menu Plan

      They might plan a menu for you

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      Thanks Jane,
      I have read Liss’ book, but I obviously need to reread it.

      I cannot share the reciepts this time around as I sent them all to the great woodstove god yesterday after I entered them into the budget. However I will keep, document and share this next go round.

      Thanks also for the link, I will go check it out asap as it is time to plan for another week of meals.

      Here’s to doing better in the month of November!

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Way Over Budget