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      We bought our instant water heater at Lowe’s but Home Depot has them as well.
      It is a Bosch AquaStar. It is a natural gas heater but you can get them in
      propane as well. I did see some electric ones on the internet when we
      researched them.

      We bought the smaller model that is supposed to heat only 1
      faucet at a time. I have taken a shower and washed dishes (by hand) at the
      same time without any problems. We only use the heater for showers and dish
      washing as I only use cold water in the laundry.

      Here are a couple of websites for them:

      A friend of mine has this one:

      They are more expensive to buy upfront but I figure I saved enough on the gas
      bill to pay for it in less than 1 1/2 years.

      Kim in mi



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