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      Our entire family uses large waterbottles year round to ensure we stay well hydrated- we hike, rock climb, bike, camp and more. If you have water bottles you know how much of a pain it can be to store them, they don’t exactly fit in the cupboard easily! Here’s a Very Easy Storage tip!

      Store your Water bottles in a Wine Rack!! You can get the Curved Wine Racks here on Amazon (or at home goods stores such as target, home emporium, etc)

      if you don’t already have a bunch of Camelbak Waterbottles you can get them online at amazon here.

      photo credit and idea shout out to CamelBak!

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      This is really a great idea. I may have to do this, since my kids are getting older they are wanting more adult water bottles that don’t store easily.

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      This idea works really well for us, we leave ours on top of the fridge (everyone in our house is over 4 feet tall, lol). It’s great because the bottles don’t fit in our cupboard and we used to line them up on the back of the counter (which I hated!).

      Thanks for sharing.

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      Wonderful idea!1heartjar smilie. So many water bottles are used by me and my family members. It is really good idea to store water bottles with beautiful racks.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Tips-n-Tricks Water Bottle Storage Trick