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      I have a question for you guys. We moved into my great grandfathers house 1
      year ago. They had gone in and remodeled the entire place.

      All we have in the
      house that requires water is our hot water heater, washer, your normal kitchen
      and bathroom stuff. This house is very small – so you would think that the
      water bill would be fairly low. The house we used to live in – the water bill
      would be about 20.00 (had the same stuff that’s in this house).

      Recently we
      have been getting a water bill for almost $60!!!! We don’t water our lawn, play
      outside in it etc. I have called the water board and had them come out to check
      for leaks and they do not find anything.

      We have had a plumber come out to
      check our side to see if we have leaks – we don’t.

      Here is my question – can you be paying for somebody else’s water bill in
      addition to yours and not know it? I know that sounds crazy, but my husband and
      I have some suspiscions (sp?). If this is possible – how would I go about
      finding out.

      Sorry if this sounds crazy, but I don’t know what to do.

      P.S. Another thought is that our water meter is “plum across our neighbors
      yard” – could the distant be the reason? I think this house was build back in
      the early 1900s so I have a “pump” house practically at my back door and when my
      great grandfather “connected” to city water that was the closest line at that

      I appreciate any help in this!

      SAHM to 2 wonderful kiddos!

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