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      Living in the country is sooooo peaceful UNTIL… you walk into your storage bldg and get attacked by 50 wasps. I tried everything I was told to buy and sprayed.

      I even got a bug bomb and set that off. They were back in no time. Even when common sense told me the fear was gone, knowing they would return sent me running in the opposite direction.

      This resulted in lost items in my storage space for me; a beautiful home for the enemy. then i turned where all wisdom lies…the oldest resident in the area. i figured if she lived through several wasp invasions then she must have the .

      she told me to take a bar of dial soap and rub it inside and outside the doors where it fits in the opening and all around the windows. so, i bombed… followed her directions and no more wasps.

      i do this twice a year. this was 11 years ago and still no wasps.

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      Oh my gosh!!! This is soo awesome!! I have a daughter so terrified of bees, wasp, hornets, anything of that similarity.

      Anyway I will have to try this. My daughter has walked out in front of traffic when she was a toodler just trying to get away from a bee. Now she even comes home late if it means waiting for a bee to leave her vehicle.

      I will certainly have to try this as I too live in a rural waterfront community. Thanks!

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      I’m getting a bar of Dial next trip to the store. Our house is a wasp magnet…

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      Thank you, thank you, thank you. I too live in the country and battle the wasps every year in my garden shed. It is a game of “nerves of steel”.

      I hate spraying the killer on them and was looking for a better option. ” ask and it shall be given”
      multistars smilie

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      Does this work with yellow jackets? I live in the country too, and the yellow jackets like to play chicken with your face. Not fun.

      Although, I would have to dial soap my entire house… 🙁

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Tips-n-Tricks WASPS…EeeeeeK!!!