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      I live in Washington State….My ex-husband made around 65,000 6 years ago when we divorced. I made $35,000. We did joint custody.

      Me 51% him 49% because it cannot be 50/50. He was told to pay me over $500 a month I deviated from state requirements for him to pay me….I asked for 350 a month. Now if we were to go back to re-evaluate I am not sure what woudl happen….he makes around $75,000 I make around $70,000.

      He wines being poor because of child support although his mom basically gave him a $250,000 house for $70,000. His girlfreind is always telling her family (and it gets back to me) that they are gonna take me back to court so he deosnt have to pay child supoort. I do not worry as #1 I have documented over time that it is basically 90/10 as if she has a sporting event or whatever on his days…I take her.

      I have her if there is somethign she needs to attend etc.

      Because she is on elite sports teams that is almost all weekends…I WILL hold him to court orders we signed with th divorce..and is Washington state law…that fathers of divorced children are required to pay 1/2 college educations…we shall see…he can take a loan out on his expensive house if ya ask me….Thankfully it has all been just “talk” and nothing has become of it…I do not worry as I do not count on the money anyways..


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      I’ve been through this before years ago and a different state and one father was in prison.

      This father is NOT in prison and makes good money, has like 40 acreas in the mountains, a truck, 66 mustang, a Taurus, another mustang, a brand new house they just built, a garage, a shop with lift, deck that wraps all the way around the home, 4 bedrooms, just him and his wife and sheis a principal and school teacher(of 50 kids in the entire school K-8). I’m raising 3 kids(did have4 but thatone is 28)and on VA Comp, my only income. He only has to support one child because one is 18 and one the other isn’t his.

      How much should I get do you think? If I got $200 I’d be tickled pink. I’m 48, probably older than most on this list. I’ve been raising kids for 28 yrs.

      Only one person ever commented on my last e-mail.


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