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      Contact your local American Red Cross chapter. They have a program called K.I.S.S. (Keep Infants Seated Safely) and can give you car seats. Also because of your multiple birth you might qualify for the W.I.C.C. program. While you are pregnant they will provide free milk, cereal, rice, peanut butter, cheese. Once they are born they provide formula. When my dd was born a friend suggested to use powder formula instead of premixed cans because the powder is a lighter shade of cream and does not stain too bad. Ask for Spray & Wash Stain Sticks from friends/relatives as shower ideas. It will get 99% of anything out of clothes. Make your own diaper rash cream from vaseline and Destin medicated powder. It works wonders! I shopped at garage/yard sales while I was pregnant and got lots of great deals. I was in no financial position to buy everything new so I bought everything I was going to need at yard sales in upscale neighborhoods and got very nice things for not much money.

      Also you may want to contact your Girl Scouts Council to let them know you will be looking for qualified girls to babysit. Cadette Girl Scouts are in 7th & 8th grades and require a certain amount of community service hours to reach different award levels within Scouting. They also have child care badges to earn. Once the babies are older you can request info for Jr. Scouts as they also have badges in child care to earn. Girl Scouting goes up to their Senior Year of high school and at each level they are required to do community service projects, so it is possible that your family could become a project before and after your babies get here!

      Lastly you need to make a FLYlady Control Journal NOW before everything gets too crazy.

      Hope this helps and is not too overwhelming. This will soon be seen as quite a blessing to your family and it will also be a very rewarding experience!

      Jacqui C. in NE Georgia

      On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at 9:47 PM, Herlean <wm_jun99@yahoo.com> wrote:

      Hello. We have learned that we are increasing our family size (expecting multiples. Just not sure how many as yet).

      We already have a 2 year old. We are wondering what are some of the best ways to handle the expenses related to having more kids – all at once? 🙂 We got a great deal on a bed for our son today. (He will be leaving his crib and moving into a “big boy” bed). We already have a couple of cribs for the new arrivals.

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