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      Freecycle, freecycle, freecyle. Get as much as you can through

      freecycle: clothes, equipment, baby furniture, even diapers.

      Borrow, borrow, borrow. Put the word out to your friends and local

      churches. Send them a list of what you are interested in borrowing.

      For more ideas on cheap baby clothes:

      How to Save Big Money on Baby Clothes


      Sometimes the clothes we get free have a few stains on them. I

      combine dishwashing detergent and Clorox 2 to get them out. It works

      really, really well. if you want to know more go to:

      How to Get Stains Out of Baby Clothes


      cvs, cvs, cvs (and/or walgreens, and/or rite aid). it is amazing to

      me how cheap you can get things at these drugstores if you regularly

      take advantage of their special customer loyalty programs. i

      recently brought home 30 packs of diapers for a net cost of -$63.90.

      Yes, you read that right. Walgreens paid me money to take 30 packs

      of diapers home! Now these kinds of deals don’t happen often.

      Usually, I can get diapers for $3.xx a pack. but these diaper/wipes

      deals only come around every few months. for help with this check


      how to save money on baby – get free diapers at cvs!


      How to Save Big Money on Free Groceries at Walgreens



      Baby food is outrageously expensive. If you can manage to make your

      own that is by far the cheapest. But even if you can’t you can save

      a lot of money by being creative. The grocery store carries plenty

      of items in the non-baby aisles that can easily work as baby food

      such as canned sweet potatoes or jarred applesauce. More ideas here:

      How to Save Big Money on Groceries: 75% off Baby Food!


      Formula is the hardest thing to save money on. If you can manage it,

      breastfeed as long as possible. Mother’s milk is the

      cheapest “formula” by far! Sometimes people have leftover formula.

      You could request it on freecycle. If you’re using the drugstore

      loyalty programs to the max you can get pretty good discounts on

      formula there. More ideas here:

      How to Save Big Money on Baby Formula


      Laurie – homeschooling mom to 10 kiddos

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, Herlean wrote:


      > Hello. We have learned that we are increasing our family size

      (expecting multiples. Just not sure how many as yet).


      > We already have a 2 year old. We are wondering what are some of

      the best ways to handle the expenses related to having more kids –

      all at once? 🙂 We got a great deal on a bed for our son today.

      (He will be leaving his crib and moving into a “big boy” bed). We

      already have a couple of cribs for the new arrivals.


      > We have decided that the new arrivals will not be attending daycare

      anytime soon. Ridiculously expensive. Not happening.


      we already have a minivan. We do need to get new carseats (not

      something to get used). We went out briefly looking at a few the

      other day.


      > Any other tips are welcome. We are positive there are at least two

      children coming this way. There may be three.


      > Thanks for your suggestions, hints, ideas and prayers.

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