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      OK, first you need to call the hospital and ask about the car seats.

      Here if you have a baby and you don’t have a car seat to take the new

      baby home in they will give you one. Since it is law to have one.

      Now this would depend on also if you have insurance. You don’t want

      to pay out of pocket for a car seat at the hospital. You will pay

      200% more, knowing hospital prices these days.

      If you are having multiples, I am not sure about twins, yet for

      triplets, if you get ahold of a lot of these major companies, they may

      help you with diapers and other items also. You can write to all of

      the companies and ask, the worst they can say is no.

      Also get online and go to the three major formula sites Similac,

      Enfamil, and Nestle. You register with them as a mother to be. You

      register your friends up as well. They send out free cans of formula

      and they send you checks in the mail for formula also. When my girl

      was born I had over $200 worth of formula already in my pantry.

      The good thing is that you can use the large checks at Sam’s to buy

      the huge cans of formula. Since it is a check and not a coupon they

      must take it.

      Sign up for samples of diapers. yet make sure you write to these

      companys about your mutliple birth and see if the will give you large

      quantities for free.

      My girl is 4 and so it has been a while for me. Good luck and best wishes!!!!!


      On 8/7/08, Herlean <wm_jun99@yahoo.com> wrote:

      > Hello. We have learned that we are increasing our family size (expecting

      > multiples. Just not sure how many as yet).


      > We already have a 2 year old. We are wondering what are some of the best

      > ways to handle the expenses related to having more kids – all at once? 🙂

      > We got a great deal on a bed for our son today. (He will be leaving his

      > crib and moving into a “big boy” bed). We already have a couple of cribs

      > for the new arrivals.


      > We have decided that the new arrivals will not be attending daycare anytime

      > soon. Ridiculously expensive. Not happening.

      Fortunately, we already have

      > a minivan. We do need to get new carseats (not something to get used). We

      > went out briefly looking at a few the other day.


      > Any other tips are welcome. We are positive there are at least two children

      > coming this way. There may be three.


      > Thanks for your suggestions, hints, ideas and prayers.

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