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      Charmaine, You didn’t get any comments about wearing mens shirts? I was just
      wondering… I am a larger woman (I am a size 30/32 blouse and size 24/26 pants
      US sizing) and women’s dress shirts in my size are ridiculously expensive.

      So I
      ordered some mens big and tall catalogs to find some t-shirts and there are some
      dress shirts in it I really like (they are silk even) but I was worried that if
      I bought them people would comment on the buttons being on the wrong side and
      all that. The price difference makes it worth it really though… Would save
      me 10.00 – 20.00 per dress shirt and almost a 5.00 savings on brand new, heavy
      weight t-shirts.

      I am just afraid people would notice that they were men’s
      shirts and look on it negatively in an office setting.

      Emily Y.


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