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      These days women wear men’s clothes and jewelry more than you
      notice. I have a men’s watch that I LOVE. It fits loose and looks
      really nice with a white shirt.

      I am also presently wearing my
      husband’s wedding band as my young son lost mine. It is obviously a
      man’s ring but I have gotten many compliments on how nice the wide
      band looks. I am only wearing it temporarily but I have kind of
      grown fond of it!

      I don’t wear many men’s shirts only because I am
      pretty short and they hang too low but I know ladies who do and they
      always look nice.


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “pkburr55” wrote:
      > I am just afraid people would notice that they were men’s shirts
      > and look on it negatively in an office setting.
      > >
      > > Emily Y.
      > > faun2@c…
      > > [url=””][/url]
      > >
      > > I wear men’s shirts too and have never had anyone ever say a
      > thing about them.(except coments like nice outfit).

      I worked in the
      > denver office of met life insurance as a temp and the boss told me
      > always dress nice and that supervisors were noticing. So I would
      > give it a second thought were what you want. Anyone who notices is
      > standing too close.LOL

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