Wanted: Good Recipes for deer meat.

Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes General Recipes Wanted: Good Recipes for deer meat.

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      My husband,son, daughter hunt alot and i hunt when I want too lol
      so we usually have deer in the freezer what i am looking for is some good recipe ideas to be creative with the deer meat! if you have something please post!!!

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      Our deer are nice fat corn feed deer much to our farmer’s regret. We also butcher our selves and remove all fat we can. The fat is where the gamey taste comes in.

      Our meat is wonderful. No one has ever known it wasn’t beef. Our deer steaks just melt in our mouth.

      I just use any recipe that calls for beef and sub my venison. I’ve heard about ways to remove the gamey taste but have never had to deal with it so probably not much help to you here!

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      Thank you 🙂 we have some of ours ground into deer burger… Again thank you for you time and i will have to see what recipes i have that i could substitute beef with deer !

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      do a forums search for venison and be sure to select posts not threads. there are several recipes across the forums and I’m sure that I’ve posted at least three;-)

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      Okay thank you very much 🙂

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      Since we’ve changed processors our venison burger is not gamey anymore. Before I had to use cream of mushroom soup and the dry onion soup for my roasts and stews. I still do just because it tastes good.

      Oh and I’ve added beef boullion too. I use the venison burger,roast,tenderloins etc. in any recipe that calls for beef.

      I just surf Budget 101.com or my ground beef cookbooks. Today for instance, brown venison burger with onion and green pepper, quarter a head of cabbage add tomato sauce,brown sugar and a little cider vinegar and steam until cabbage is done.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes General Recipes Wanted: Good Recipes for deer meat.