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      Today I went to both stores with a list of items I buy most and compared prices. Now, they might be a little different in your area but it will give you an idea.

      I will put an (sb) beside things that are store brand and a (nb) beside name brand things. if there isnt an (sb) or (nb) then it was just what was cheaper.
      i spent 3 hours doing this and it was my first time so I got a little confused and over whelmed so I didnt get to write down which it was for everything. Also the name brand can vary, but like I said it just gives you an idea.

      I hope this will help some of you.

      1gl Milk (sb)

      • p-$3.29

      sliced cheese

      • w-$ 2.98(NB)
      • P-$ 2.79(NB)
      • P-$ 3.39(sb)

      block cheese (8oz)

      • W-$ 2.88(SB)
      • W-$ 2.48(NB)
      • P-$3.39(SB)
      • P-$2.27(nb)

      shredded cheese (8oz)

      • W-$ 2.16(SB)
      • W-$ 2.48(NB)
      • P-$ 3.88(SB)
      • P-$ 2.99(nb)

      eggs (large doz)

      • w-$ 1.52
      • P-$ 2.88


      • w-$ 5.97 (10lb)(Russet)
      • W-$ 4.44 (5lb)(Russet)
      • P-$ 1.99 (5lb) (white)


      • w- 2/$6.00 (no reg. price)
      • P-$ 4.59

      tombstone pizza

      • w-$ 3.50
      • P-$ 5.79

      progresso soups

      • w-$ 1.50
      • P-$ 2.39

      canned green beans

      • w-$.66 (SB)
      • W-$.68(NB)
      • P-$.89(sb)

      refried beans

      • w-$.63(SB)
      • W-$1.08(NB)
      • P-$1.45(nb)

      oatmeal-multi fruits & cream

      • w-$1.88(SB)
      • W-$2.78(NB)
      • P-$2.39(SB)
      • P-$3.75(nb)

      bread (sb)

      • w-$1.08
      • P-$1.13


      • w-$1.27/6pk
      • P-$2.39/4pk Greenwise

      paper towels(sb/3pk)

      • W-$1.86
      • P-$3.49

      hungry man tv dinners

      • w-$2.92
      • P-$3.49

      birdseye volia meals

      • w-$3.87
      • P-$4.99

      hamburger helper

      • w-$.96(SB)
      • W-$1.30(NB)
      • P-$1.99(nb)

      hot dogs (turkey)

      • w-$1.97
      • P-$2.49

      hotdog buns

      • w-$1.78
      • P-$2.49

      hamburger buns

      • w-$2.16
      • P-$1.15


      • w-$1.66
      • P-$3.99


      • w-$6.34(16ct)
      • P-$5.39(beef/8ct)

      cheese bread

      • w-$2.48(SB)
      • W-$2.83(NB
      • P-$2.59(SB)
      • P-$2.79(nb)

      chili (no beans)

      • w-$1.25
      • P-$5.00/4 (on sale)

      cinnamon rolls

      • w-$1.64(NB)
      • W-$1.48(SB)
      • P-$2.39(NB)
      • P-$1.59(sb)

      febreze air spray

      • w-$2.50
      • P-$2.99

      febreze fabric spray

      • w-$4.97
      • P-$5.29

      Elec. Dishwasher Tabs(25ct)

      • W-$4.42
      • P-$5.33

      Cascade Complete Tabs(16ct)

      • W-$4.00
      • P-$4.99

      trash bags(sb/13gl w/tie strings)

      • W-$6.42 (45ct)
      • P-$5.99(55ct)

      monster energy

      • w-$11.98(8ct)
      • P-$7.99(4ct)

      1gl Nursery Water

      • W-$1.18
      • P-$1.49

      PopTarts (4pk)

      • W-$1.86
      • P-$1.99

      kashi bars

      • w-$2.94
      • P-$3.89


      • w-$1.48(SB)
      • W-$1.94(NB)
      • P-$1.79(sb)

      veg. oil(sb)

      • w-$2.88
      • P-$2.69

      cooking spray

      • w-$1.74
      • P-$2.59

      Sugar (5lb)

      • W-$4.00/2 (on sale, I guess)
      • P-$2.29(SB)
      • P-$1.89(nb)

      muffin mix

      • w-$.76
      • P-$.99


      • w-$2.50
      • P-$3.75

      cheese its

      • w-$2.88
      • P-$3.18


      • w-$.22
      • P-$.20


      • w-$1.00
      • P-$1.50


      • w-$1.46(SB)
      • W-$1.98(NB
      • P-$1.89(SB
      • P-$1.99(nb)

      spaghetti sauce

      • w-$1.42(SB)
      • W-$1.86(NB)
      • P-$1.79(SB)
      • P-$2.49(nb)

      mashed potatos

      • w-$1.32(SB)
      • W-$1.92(NB)
      • P-$1.69(SB)
      • P-$2.49(nb)

      lasagna family size (nb)

      • w-$12.00
      • P-$14.69


      • w-$1.93
      • P-$2.69

      toaster strudel (nb)

      • w-$1.98
      • P-$2.49

      chicken strips (pre-made nb)

      • w-$6.98
      • P-$8.99

      ready made bacon (nb)

      • w- 2/$5.00
      • P-$3.00

      easy mac. single cups (nb)

      • w-$.75
      • P-$.99

      :dash1:That took forever! :mrgreen:

      If you have something to add please do, now that I have the lager part of my list when I go I’m going to start writing more down until I have both stores priced out. (yeah right)

      ps: imo this would be a great sticky. 😉

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      looks as if Walmart has Publix beat on most things. We don’t have a publix here so I would be comparing walmart and foodlion. Dont have to do a price book there Foodlion keeps going up on prices.

      I absolutely refuse to pay almost 5.00 for a gallon of milk and 3.00 for storebrand sugar. LOL

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      oh yeah, I would refuse as well!

      I’m sorry that this isnt much help to you, give it a little while I’m sure a Publix will be popping up soon. We just got one here and before this one the nearest one was 35/40min.

      They seem to be growing.

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      It’s ok I am used to not having many grocery stores to choose from around here LOl It is funny they keep adding stores to the city but there has not been one new grocery store in years here. One thing you may want to include in your book as you progress is the buy one get one free things. You have to watch those for instance I was in a grocery store that had chicken breast buy one get one free advertised the week before they were 6.99 a bag when I looked at them the week of the BOGO sale without their card you were paying 12.99 a bag, not very BOGO in my opinion.

      I have caught several items at this store like this.

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      yeah that was the biggest issue I was having tonight because Publix has a sale going on. I’m sure people thought/knew I was crazy because I had nothing in my buggy/cart and there I was with my pen and paper moving tags and what not to find the real price.

      I’m pretty sure I got the real prices…. I had a lot more written down that I didnt ad because I was scared that something like that happened ot those items.

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      i’m sure people thought/knew i was crazy because i had nothing in my buggy/cart and there i was with my pen and paper moving tags and what not to find the real price.

      they probably thought you worked for wal-mart. wal-mart send the employees around to do price checks at other stores to keep their items at a similar price, slightly less if possible. if you have an add from publix and wal-mart carries the item, you use to be able to present the sale add and they would meet that price.

      not sure what type of milk you buy, i get skim milk and i am happy to say that mine is only $2.77 at Wal-Mart.

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      Did anyone notice that a few of the Publix store brand items were more than the name brand? What’s up with that?

      I prefer to shop at Publix, but only buy the BOGO items with matching coupons, because they double coupons. I go to WalMart when an item is needed that isn’t on sale at Publix and/or I don’t have a coupon.

      Thanks for taking the time to do this for us!


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      We drink whole milk, I guess I should have added it there. Didnt even think about it.

      Oh yeah, Publix suff is higher…. well on some things not all. That blew my mind.

      I knew Publix was a littler higher but I didnt think on store brand things.

      Like you said we normal shopw BOBO at publix as well. They have good deals in that area

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      Thanks for that! It’s made me want to go shopping more at Wal-mart. Our closest one barely has a grocery section but there is one 30 minutes away thats a Super Wal-mart…

      I’ve been wanting to go there but haven’t had incentive too until now. 😉

      And I usually prefer Winn Dixie to Publix now, I used to always go to Publix but the prices seem so high now.

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      Prices are definitely different here. Tombstone pizza at my Publix is only $2.99 and milk is $3.69. I wonder why our areas make so much difference.

      no stores here do double coupons and i hate that.

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      Debbie, I usually do what you do, shop Publix bogo and double coupon, as well as Kroger and Bi lo bogo with double coupon, for other stuff Wal mart can usually beat the prices, if you bring in flyer they will also price match.
      Does anyones Publix do penny mystery coupon in the Sunday paper? (if you buy $10 worth on Sun or Mon and bring the coupon they have a mystery item you get for 1 cent.
      Kind of fun to see what you get, sometimes its an item that would normally cost $2 or $3)

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      Manufacturers sponsor a lot of the sale prices on their items. Not often, but sometimes you will find the nb item cheaper than the sb because of the mfg. sponsored sale.

      most of the time you’ll see the same brand of an item in the weekly ad for several stores. that’s a sure indicator that the mfg. is pushing their product.

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