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      Wal-Mart is not out of the 5 cent notebooks. I am an associate. We had to pull them to the back because the ad in the paper had not came out yet.

      If you check back this weekend, they should be out then.

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      From: Karen
      Sent: Monday, July 7, 2008 2:51:28 PM
      Subject: : WalMart sales

      Went to WalMart today and they were out of the 5 cent notebooks or

      whatever they were. Got some glue and crayons for a quarter each.

      They also had chicken quarters 10# for $4.00. I bought one the other

      day and we’ve already eaten half of it – so today they had lots more –

      so I got 3 more bags – have 2 bags split up into 5 food saver bags and

      1 more bag to go. Milk was up in price this time – seems like every

      time I go something is UP!!! KarenMO

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