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      I don’t work for Walmart, but I LOVE Walmart. Many people don’t like Wal-Mart for putting small businesses out of business because of the competition. They do business right, offer unbeatable prices on things normal families need and want, and I will shop there over any other place.

      Just my own opinion………so many people now days want their employer to hold their hand, andtreat them like family. A job is a job……..go to work, do the work, and get paid. Lots of people (not all) who don’t like Wal-Mart’s”do your work, getpaid” ethic,talk badly about them and contribute to their bad reputation as an employer. My husband is a business owner, and faces the same situations occasionally with employees who want to be catered to, have special cushy treatment, extra reward for doing a good job, etc. I’m the one who always tell him to stop………his employee gets a paycheck every Friday, that is his reward for coming to work and doing what is expected of him. I may sound harsh, and don’t mean to offend anyone, but many people today are spoiled. Where is the work ethic from 30-40years ago where people were just thankful to have a job? Just my 2cents.


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