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      I agree. Walmart gets a bad rep, but they were not the first ones to

      start up big box style stores. They won’t be the last. They don’t

      hold all the blame for running small businesses out of business.

      For the most part, the economy is such that people would rather

      spend $1.99 on a gallon of milk at Walmart, than spend $3.29 at the

      corner conveince store.

      Walmart offers discounts that small shops can’t offer, because they

      order in bulk. Should the consumer spend more because of that?

      Walmart employs how many hundreds of people? As opposed to the 5-10

      that each small business employs? So, it creates a better economy

      than a few small businesses do by putting money into our pockets,

      and providing a lower cost place to spend it. It helps to circulate

      the money.

      I understand that Walmart isn’t the best place to work. But the

      people who work there are more often than not people who don’t have

      the skills to get a different job.

      I understand not liking to work for them. Ok, so go out, get the

      skills to get a new job, and get the new job.

      Walmart has a bad rep… but how much is earned, and how much is

      word of mouth exageratted?

      You know how urban legands get started? I’ll explain-

      “Hey, George, I went shopping at Walmart and saw a lady fall over

      trying on some shoes!”

      “Hey, Andy, George told me some lady tripped and fell over some

      shoes at Walmart!”

      “Hey, Kevin, Andy told me some woman got pushed to the ground in the

      shoe department at Walmart!”

      “Hey, George, did you hear about the worker at Walmart who pushed a

      woman to the ground??”

      Yes, it’s based on something that happens. But the end story is

      never -the- story.

      Basically, you are going to have people on both sides of the story.

      Unless it happens to me first hand, or I witnes it first hand, I’d

      rather just be happy with my nice discounted stuff, and the

      happiness that our brand new Walmart (we have the 1st walmart in the

      state, which just closed for a brand new super big, super center)

      created an additional 100 jobs above the old Walmart in our city. We

      live in a semi-low income city. Most people don’t make over minimum

      wage, and even then, more than half the low income in the city are

      operating on 1 job for a family. Several don’t have one.

      So, when Walmart, Menards, Kohls, and Sam’s Club all opened within 3

      months of one another, our city got a HUGE boost by getting over 400

      new jobs created for us. Not including the people who built the


      It’s hard for me to blame them on the downslide of our economy when

      they create jobs out of thin air for the people who need them in our


      — In, “Shannon Timmons”



      > I don’t work for Walmart, but I LOVE Walmart. Many people don’t

      like Wal-Mart for putting small businesses out of business because

      of the competition. They do business right, offer unbeatable prices

      on things normal families need and want, and I will shop there over

      any other place.


      > Just my own opinion………so many people now days want their

      employer to hold their hand, and treat them like family. A job is a

      job……..go to work, do the work, and get paid. Lots of people

      (not all) who don’t like Wal-Mart’s “do your work, get paid” ethic,

      talk badly about them and contribute to their bad reputation as an

      employer. My husband is a business owner, and faces the same

      situations occasionally with employees who want to be catered to,

      have special cushy treatment, extra reward for doing a good job,

      etc. I’m the one who always tell him to stop………his employee

      gets a paycheck every Friday, that is his reward for coming to work

      and doing what is expected of him. I may sound harsh, and don’t

      mean to offend anyone, but many people today are spoiled. Where is

      the work ethic from 30-40 years ago where people were just thankful

      to have a job? Just my 2cents.


      > Shannon


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