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Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Chain Store Deals – New Pre-Order for Dora Links Doll

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      It’s just amazing how sophisticated toys are getting!

      There’s a new Dora Links doll that connects to the Internet via a usb cable. but that’s not the coolest part. the dolls eye color, hair length, jewelry color change and the doll opens up a hidden online world.

      i don’t know how, but when the online world has updates, the doll knows even if its not connected.

      here’s the bit that i found out.

      • the dora links doll is an exciting innovation in computer-connected play–appealing to a new millennia of technologically savvy kids. as girls play online, they can customize their doll and watch as she magically transforms right before their eyes—simultaneously on the doll and in the online world. the interactivity allows girls to directly influence dora’s adventures as they help her solve online mysteries that prominently feature relatable pro-social themes.

      • by plugging the dora links doll into the computer (via usb), girls will have access to her online world. there, girls can help dora and her friends solve the mysteries through engaging game play that affects change in dora’s world.

      • the dora links doll offers groundbreaking interactivity that allows girls to customize the doll and watch as she transforms before their eyes:

      o by changing dora’s hair length online, the doll’s hair magically changes as well.

      o as girls explore and solve the online mysteries—which include dora assuming a variety of disguises– the doll’s speech, eye color and jewelry color can change to correspond with their play.

      o the dora links doll also has a magical alert system; she knows when new mysteries are being added to even when the doll is disconnected from a computer, it will let girls know what new things are happening in puerto verde.

      there is a pre-sale going on at walmart’s web site.

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Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Chain Store Deals – New Pre-Order for Dora Links Doll