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      I discovered something at Walgreens that maybe the rest of you
      already knew about . . .

      Every month they have a coupon and rebate book available, you can
      ask for the “rebate book” at the register and they’ll give you one;
      you can also look at it on the website, http://www.walgreens.com

      Anyway, in this month’s book there were four items that had 100%
      rebates–shampoo, cough drops, a toothbrush, and a styling product.
      None of which I needed right now, but for FREE, I will use them
      eventually. You mail your receipt in to the address in the rebate
      book, no UPCs or anything.

      If you have your rebate put on a Walgreen’s gift card, they add 10%
      to your rebate amount!

      So if you were to only go in there once a month and buy the things
      you would get complete rebates on and get it put on a gift card,
      even counting the sales tax and the cost of your stamp to mail the
      receipt in, I think you’re coming out pretty much FREE!

      Anyway, I was pretty excited; it’s worth a trip in there every month
      for that 🙂


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      Need to bump this!! i just came accross this on there site. The deals are verry good. I need to use that $4 off on razars cupon they have this month. They are always soooo expensive.

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      I thought there was a charge for the rebate book. Thanks for the tip. I go there about once a month.

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      My Walgreens in MN, discontinued the Easy Saver Book at the end of April (no May book), they told me that they were going to Register Rewards (which I do not like, you can only use 1 during your next visit, trying to get to come back in, before they expire).

      Very disapointed

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      I was at Walgreens yesterday and they too said they discontinued the book and are doing register rewards instead 🙁

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      How can they discontinu when they have it available on there site??? Sends a mixed message dosent it?

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      A guess I have not checked out the site. What area are you looking under on the site?

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      Aha! never mind I just took a closer look. there just cleaning up what people still have to get turned in. So how dose regester rewards work?


      Walgreens | Store Online |EasySaver Catalog

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