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      Just thought I would pass along a little tip about Wal-mart meds.

      When DH had insurance one of his meds was like $80 we only had to pay $20 so I paid the $20 and never questioned it.

      Well when he lost his insurance and had to go to the mobile health van for care the nurse practioner tries to prescribe all meds she can from the wal-mart $4 formulary.

      The same med he was on was on the $4 formulary only difference was that the $80 one was extened release 120 milligrams so he only had to take it once a day and the $4 one was not extended release so he took 60 milligrams twice a day. So the total cost out of pocket for that med was $8 a month since he had to take it twice a day. I wish I had known that when he had insurance we could have saved money by using the wal-mart one instead of getting the insurance company to pay.

      Now I know if I go to the doctor I ask can you give me a Rx on the Wal-mart $4 formulary.

      One time my DD had a tube that needed to be removed from her ear at that time we did not have insurance everytime we went to the dr. I would mention we don’thave insurance. His regular bill with insurance was $150 per visit to start since we paid with our Visa check card each visit andthis lessoned his over head we only paidbetween 54-74.

      Well he started talking about taking out the tube andhe usually puts children to sleep todo this etc. I said we don’t have any insurance he said well I take tubes out of adults ears right in the office so he tried. He pulled the tube out quickly and dd cried.

      Ifelt terrible becauseif we had insurance she would have been put in the hospitaland not have to undergo the pain. but two hours later she was out ridding her bike and I thought well if she had been under anesteshia she wouldn’t have been out riding her bike two hours later.

      I also made a list of all of the local walk in medical places in our area and called them all and found out what their office visits start at. I found them in three ranges $55, $75, $95 the $55 guy does not deal with insurance so he is able to have less staff etc. He is like cash and carry.but when I go I usually just need an rx like an antibiotic or something for a sinus infection.

      So I go to the $55 guy and again remind him that I have no insurance ask for samples, cheap rx etc.

      One more tip. Since dh has a chronic heart condition and has to get his care from the mobile clinic i keep a notebook with copies of everything, all of his lab work, ekgs, echos, stress test everything. everytime someone calls with a result i say can you send us a copy.

      that way when he goes in i can show whoever is seeing him all of his info.

      i hope this helps someone out there.

      tracy in va

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Wal-mart meds and other savings on health care