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      Where is everybody? I need to see posts! I need inspiration!

      I feel so alone…whimper… Surely there is somebody out there…I can’t be the last person alive on the site… HELP!!!
      cloud9  smilie

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      hehe, We’re right here.When I’m at work I can peruse the site, but I have to be careful about typing too much or my co workers start getting nosey. Wouldn’t want to get fired!

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      lol! i so appreciate what you’re saying! i pretty much live on this site and i get panicky when no one pops in…it’s like one of those b-movies when everyone goes into a coma or something because the aliens gassed everyone but the person that’s immune to the gasgiggle smiley
      glad you’re still among the awake and just being cautious!


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      I’m here too. Sometimes I spend so much time reading the posts and saving them for late that I don’t get around to participating. Sorry about that!

      I love your posts Mos, you always share the best recipes and I really appreciate that about you, thank you!

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      Thanks! I’m so glad you get so much out of the site and like my recipes. Reading what others do gives me ideas about new recipes or doing research on someone’s dietary needs.

      Which, of course, inspires me to develop recipes for that! LOL! For example, a friend just had major oral surgery and was having difficulty eating.

      Sooo, knowing her favorite foods, I came up with something that she could eat and shared it here. I gave her some other recipes, too, but I just shared the newest one here;-D

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