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      A really good thing you can do at home is to sell
      ebay. If your area is like ours, there are dozens of
      auctions every week where you can buy valuables to
      resell at a profit. My mom is doing this right now.
      You have to study some antique books to know what is
      worth something, but you can definitely make a couple
      hundred a month or more in cash doing this.

      My mom is doing this right now and here are some of
      the things she’s bought:

      depression glassware for $2-7 each that sells for
      $10-20 or more (my mom just bought an old lamp for $20
      that is worth $200).

      Antique small tables for $8 each, selling for $50

      Boxes of vintage jewelry for $35, selling for hundreds
      of dollars total (she sells each piece or set
      separately). She even found a perfect 1 carat diamond
      heart shaped pendant in one of the boxes!

      And you can get this stuff even cheaper at yard
      sales–it’s just more work that way, more
      time-consuming, but there is tons of glassware and
      jewelry especially at these sales.

      For an initial investment of as little as $50 you can
      start, and then reinvest your profits until you’ve hit
      the volume you can handle. If you have anything around
      the house to sell, you can even start with that so
      that your initial investment can be $0. This is what
      my mom did.

      She had a bunch of old stuff around
      including a Truman autograph that sold for $170 and 3
      Robert Frost trays that sold for $50 each. She also
      sold old skeleton keys, vinyl records, and more. When
      she got done with her own stuff, she started buying
      stuff at auctions.

      You can also buy electronics, computers, at some of
      these auctions, or brand name clothes, etc. at yard
      sales to sell.

      There are 150,000 people making their living entirely
      off of ebay right now! And there are other auction
      sites cropping up like Yahoo that will give even more

      Just a thought. If I wasn’t trying to concentrate on
      my writing, this is what I’d be doing, without a

      Jen K in PA


      The New Yahoo! Search – Faster. Easier.


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