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      Vonage was the worst phone service I’ve ever had. I signed up with them in 12/06 letting them charge my credit card. Back then, they did not charge to disconnect as long as you stayed with them for 6 mos. I had some connection and static problems. Eight months after I signed up with them, we had a thunderstorm and lost phone service. I called them from my cell phone waiting for 20 minutes to talk to someone and this guy from the Phillipines had me go through all these steps with my computer and theirrouter 4 times. After each time when we didn’t get anywhere, he said okay no problem. Finally, he says he is connecting me to an advanced technician. “Okay, no problem” but he apparently couldn’t help me. Does that make sense? By then, I was so annoyed because of all the waiting then spending 40 minutes going through all these steps. My battery was going to go dead. After being
      transferred, I waited another 15 minutes, got connected, and my battery went dead. It turned outtheir router was the problem. The next day, I called them to cancel my service.This one man was very rude saying they would charge me $40 for a disconnect fee. I had my contract in front of me and read it to him that there is NO disconnect fee if you don’t cancel within 6 mos. Apparently they had changed it after we signed up. The man kept calling me a liar saying I signed a contract about the $40 disconnect fee. This went on for 20 minutes trying to cancel theservice. I asked him if I should return their non-working box and he said no. After being badgered over and over, Itold him he would not getthe $40 and I hung up on him. I immediately call my credit card to cancel and was sent a new card. They never did get their $40. I made a report onhttps://www.ripoffreport.com/searchresults.asp?q1=ALL&q4=&q6=&q3=&q2=&q7=&searchtype=0&submit2=Search%21&q5=Vonage

      There are over 352 negative reports on Vonage on this website.I googled Vonage complaints and here is the link. Tons of them.


      My sister also had them for 2 years but it kept messing up her phone to where she had to have to phone wiring redone inside and ouside of her house. She finally canceled their service after spending so much money on rewiring. It was a great price if the service would have been good. I’d rather spend the extra money for regular phone service that is reliable. The only reason I have a house phone is because my elderly Dad lives with us. Otherwise, I’d just have my cell as my phone.


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      I just got Vonage actually. I took over an account from a friend who
      was moving out of the country, and they were going to charge him $40
      to disconnect the service because apparently there is a contract
      (which they don’t tell you). So, I took over the account to save him
      the fee and so I wouldn’t have a 2 year contract…just the remaining
      5 months. It’s ok so far. I have noticed some connection problems in
      that the calls have a lot of static interference. Oddly, I get the
      most static calling a “local long distance” number and the clearest
      connection when I’m calling Europe (which I do often). I’m not sure
      why that is, but sometimes it does get annoying. The other thing I’ve
      experienced is a beeping that is heard by the people I am talking to
      as if I am hitting buttons on the phone. I noticed this when he would
      call me with the phone, and now the people I call complain about it.
      Overall, it’s not a
      bad service. I may try using Skype. They are
      free to call computer to computer about $10/month to call to a
      landline phone. You just don’t use an actual telephone. I don’t know
      how I’ll like that though. Good luck!

      — In Budget101_@yahoogro ups.com, “Marguerite”
      > does anyone have any experience with this? they are offering free
      > installs right now. I have heard a couple of bad things about them
      > I am wondering.
      > thanx

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