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      I just got Vonage actually. I took over an account from a friend who

      was moving out of the country, and they were going to charge him $40

      to disconnect the service because apparently there is a contract

      (which they don’t tell you). So, I took over the account to save him

      the fee and so I wouldn’t have a 2 year contract…just the remaining

      5 months. It’s ok so far. I have noticed some connection problems in

      that the calls have a lot of static interference. Oddly, I get the

      most static calling a “local long distance” number and the clearest

      connection when I’m calling Europe (which I do often). I’m not sure

      why that is, but sometimes it does get annoying. The other thing I’ve

      experienced is a beeping that is heard by the people I am talking to

      as if I am hitting buttons on the phone. I noticed this when he would

      call me with the phone, and now the people I call complain about it.

      Overall, it’s not a bad service. I may try using Skype. They are

      free to call computer to computer about $10/month to call to a

      landline phone. You just don’t use an actual telephone. I don’t know

      how I’ll like that though. Good luck!

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Marguerite”



      > does anyone have any experience with this? they are offering free

      > installs right now. I have heard a couple of bad things about them


      > I am wondering.

      > thanx


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