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      I live in Fredericksburg VA. I am a member of the Pattawomeck Indian tribe in English thats Potomac and I am a descendent of Jappasaws who in Captain Argalls ships log was refered to as the king of the Potomac. So my family has been in this area since before the 1600s.

      Our tribe often does living history villages in the area usually you can visit a 1600s indian village for free. If we have one scheduled. If you decide to come to Fredericksburg let me know when you plan to come and I will let you know if we have a village scheduled

      There is a KOA just south of Town in Massaponox you could stay in that area and see, Sites for the Battle of Fredericksburg, Lots of George Washington sites, Rising sun tavern. Mary Washingtons home, The battle of Chanclersville, Spotsylvania Courthouse, Check out the Civil War Museum in Stafford County. The man who owns it is a distant cousin and very nice, awesome museum.

      We are also located right on I95. 50 miles north of Richmond and 50 miles south of DC.

      There is an apothecary shop downton Fredburg. I can go on and on but I have been here so long I don’t even think about it.

      All of these sites are within a few miles of each other like 10 or fewer miles.

      Oh Ferry Farm just accross the river Washingtons Boyhood home his father ran a Ferry service from Stafford to Fredericksburg.

      We have a legend in the area that as a boy Washington threw a silver dollar accross the Rappahanock, so it fun to go to the city dock and try it. I don’t think I ever know anyone who could really throw a silver dollar accross the Rappahanock at that point in the River.

      Then you can take the vre into dc for a day to see the sites. i wouldn’t drive to dc for anything. we have like the fourth worst traffic in the country once you get north of stafford co.

      ooops sorry the vre is va railway express its a commuter train that runs into dc every day.

      one more thing you can travel about an hour east of fred burg james monroes birthplace and washingtons birthplace in westmoreland.

      lots of wonderful parks and picnic areas so frugal eating.

      one more thing the cheapest gas in no va is usually in fredericksburg so if you travel up 95 be sure you fill up in Fredericksburg the farther north you go the more expensive gas is.

      Tracy in va


      emailing for the greater good
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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Visiting Historic sites in VA