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      Vinegar for Poison IvyMore Lawns Solutionsby Annie Berthold-Bond,
      Producer, Green Living Channels
      The land around our home is overrun with poison ivy. It is everywhere; a vine
      has even wrapped abundantly around the tree that holds the end of the
      clothesline so we can’t fix the rope pulley that is broken there. After a few
      years of passively accepting that I can’t hang clothes on the line, or that
      various family members get terrible rashes every summer, I’ve decided to do
      something about the scourge.
      I won’t ever use herbicides out of concern for health and the environment, so
      I’ve been trying out various “down home” remedies.

      This one really works.

      Simple Solution:
      Before I tell you about what I’ve found that works, let me tell you of another
      alternative solution to herbides: Goats! For some reason, Spanish and Angora
      goat breeds absolutely love poison ivy. Make sure you get those particular
      breeds; most others don’t like poison ivy for their main meal.

      I would love to
      have goats, but my family won’t let me… !
      Here is the homemade poison ivy vegetation killer spray that I’ve found is safe
      and effective:
      Poison Ivy Vegetation Killer
      1 cup salt
      8 drops liquid detergent
      1 gallon vinegar
      Combine the salt and vinegar in a pan and heat to dissolve the salt. Cool the
      vinegar, add the detergent, and pour some of the liquid into a large spray

      Spray the vegetation. (You can also just pour the mixture onto the
      weeds.) Refill the spray bottle as necessary. Note that this formula will kill
      all the vegetation, so make sure that you are only spraying the plants you want
      to kill.

      If you need to use a lot of this spray, avoid spraying it near wells,
      as the salt can leach into your water supply.

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      Thank you for sharing this one, I had to spray all the poison ivy around our house as my dog kept getting into it and then I would catch it when I patted/played with him! Who would have thought that the urishol oils could transfer to me from a pet. Yuck!

      This spray worked a treat for me.

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      Just saying pour some boiling water on the roots. Please make sure your container is enclosed so you don’t get burned. This acts quickly.

      It may have to be repeated.

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