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      My husband and I are trying to refinance our mortgage as come Dec our mortgage

      will go to

      a variable rate. Our credit scores are better than last time(2yrs ago), but one

      lender just

      called me back saying they follow the Freddie Mac Guidelines and with our credit

      scores, they

      cannot give us a mortgage. I am SOOOO frustrated!!!! Our scores are:

      Me-630,598,634 and

      my husbands-536,595,589. So, I cannot understand why his score is less, but

      whatever. The

      lender who wouldn’t give us the loan said that there are lenders out there that

      will lend to us,

      but finding them is a pain in the A**. I did go to and am

      overwhelmed. I guess

      I don’t really have a question, unless anyone has any suggestions, I just needed

      to vent!

      Thank you.


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