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      The scores are a bit on the low side for a good rate (ours is a tad

      higher at 640), but you should still be able to find a lender.

      Keep calling around, though. Just because one said no, doesn’t mean

      others will. It -can- be frustrating, though, being told no.

      Is it possible to make a lump sum payment towards the balance? Kind

      of like you would with a down payment? That might help secure a

      lender to refinance.

      — In, “Jennifer” wrote:


      > My husband and I are trying to refinance our mortgage as come Dec

      our mortgage

      > will go to

      > a variable rate. Our credit scores are better than last time(2yrs

      ago), but one

      > lender just

      > called me back saying they follow the Freddie Mac Guidelines and

      with our credit

      > scores, they

      > cannot give us a mortgage. I am SOOOO frustrated!!!! Our scores


      > Me-630,598,634 and

      > my husbands-536,595,589. So, I cannot understand why his score is

      less, but

      > whatever. The

      > lender who wouldn’t give us the loan said that there are lenders

      out there that

      > will lend to us,

      > but finding them is a pain in the A**. I did go to

      and am

      > overwhelmed. I guess

      > I don’t really have a question, unless anyone has any suggestions,

      I just needed

      > to vent!

      > Thank you.

      > Jennifer


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