Veggie noodle soup

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      – 1 bag of precut&washed soup vegetables (usually costs me less than $0,75; contains carrots, leek, oignon and celery)
      – 1 oignon
      – Rice noodles from the local Thai/Chinese-store ($1)
      – 4 bouillon cubes
      – a tiny bit of butter (more or less a teaspoon)

      1. Peel and cut the oignon in little pieces, and let it fry in a pot of 5 liter for about 2 minutes in the butter (don’t let it burn! the frying can go very quick)
      2. Add 5 tablespoons of water and let the oignon steam for a bit with the lid on the pot
      3. Add the bag of soup vegetables
      4. Add two cups of water and let it steam for a few minutes (this sets the aroma’s of the vegetables free) with the lid on the pot
      5. Add water and the noodles up to a few centimeters under the edge of the pot
      6. Add the bouillon cubes and let it cook untill the noodles are done

      This makes a nice chinese-like noodle meal for about two people! It is technically a soup, but I use it as main course because I add a lot of noodles (which fills the stomach). I use chinese chop sticks to eat it and put it in a little bowl like chinese people do, which makes it a special meal for very little money :great:

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      Sounds really good right now. I’ll have to give this recipe to DS, Thank-You.

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