Vegas Clubbing Tips

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      Just got back from Vegas and did the clubbin’ thing. Two things,

      women are free. We got into Pure just by standing in the “girls

      line”. Then we got right in to see the Pussycat Dolls for free,

      because we are women. Find the girls line at any club, and you will

      be good. Their martinis were $14, but one was good enough for me.

      Also, if you advertise you are a bachlorette party, they will try to

      nail you for the entrance fee. Keep it low key.

      One last thing, if you go to the Players club desk of the casino

      where the club is located, ask for VIP cards or passes for the club.

      They hide them behind the desk, but give them out if asked.

      Do not pay for these passes from some guy off the street, they will

      try to sell them to you.

      Good luck and have fun!

      BTW, I am 37 and not a skinny minnie or trendy person, and they still

      let us get in for free, KWIM.

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